About royal

        XuChang Ruiya hair Limited by Share Ltd is located in the Xuchang industrial agglomeration area is in East Road, Kennedy, covers an area of 100 acres, the production area of more than 30 thousand square meters, is a set of R & D, production, sales as one of the wig manufacturing enterprises. Our main products are: human hair and synthetic hair products in the spring, wigs, hair ornaments, is divided into 3 series of more than and 190 species. The company in eight years ago to have a foreign brand "ROYAL" trademark in the domestic registered trademark, "Rui of Ya" early to get rid of the OEM production enterprises in the wig. Currently has a holding company and a sales company in the United States, there are four sales offices in four countries in Africa, all products are independent R & D and production of independent sales, the product directly to the terminal, to achieve the profit maximization.

        Since the company has been stationed in the industry since the gathering area, in the relevant departments and the leadership of the attention and care, the company has been steady and rapid development. By the end of October 2016, the company total tax in Jianan regions before five consecutive years, exports in the forefront in the industry, by the Xuchang municipal government, Xuchang Municipal Bureau of Commerce named export advanced enterprises, and was elected as the president of the chamber of Commerce unit area hair products industry. In 2013, under the guidance of our company as the largest shareholder, in the industrial park to invest in the construction of a sewage treatment plant, lifting the government and many companies worry. As the scale of hair products industry enterprises, Xuchang City, district two listed as the main reserve enterprises.

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